Top 3 trends in security technology used in self storage facilities

Though the police are trying to keep the crime rate down, the self-storage operators know that they are not 100% secured. There are three kinds of self-storage technologies to choose from: modern and latest security technology; mid-level security facility; and budget-conscious reasonable security solutions. Those who have small facility look for simple security solutions. Here are the trends for the security of self-storage facilities.

Cutting costs


The present priority for self-storage owners is to cut costs. Return on investment and reliability are important factors to consider now. Now it is importamt that the security system is not only effective but benefits the bottom line as well.

Single security budget


The self-storage facilities now have alarms, cameras and access control in one security budget. The major security products now include gates, alarms, locks, keypads, cameras and tracking systems.

Access gates


Every self-storage facility has access gates. Sliding gates are always better. A common gate-security problem is tailgating; that is when an unauthorized vehicle enters the premises following an authorized vehicle in the drive-up area before the gate closes. To overcome this problem, three things can be done. First, you can use an anti-passback technology on gate keypads which prevents one driver with an access code from sharing it with another driver. This system needs some time before you a code can open the door again, so an unauthorized vehicle won’t be able to get inside the gate. Second, you can get a quick open and close time for gates. Third, you can have overlock systems attached to the gate entry code.

In future, it is expected that gates will have embedded computers that will sync with the interior and exterior lighting. So, a lit path will be created when the gate is accessed. This will improve the security of the self-storage facility, and the guards will be alerted if an intruder enters the premise.

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