At Complete Self Storage, we are dedicated to providing a full range of self-storage services for Melbourne residents. We have the ideal storage solution. We provide mobile storage, warehouse storage, student storage and container storage facilities. Our experienced storage team is an expert in storage and logistics. They make the whole process very easy for you. Over the past years, we have earned a good reputation for providing excellent customer service. We are always looking for new ways to transport and store your belongings in the most efficient way as possible. We control the entire process in such a way that it saves time and causes less hassle.

Our benefits

Flexible and tailor-made option
Highly secured storage facility
Accessible 24 hours a day throughout the year
Excellent customer service
Competitive pricing
Full CCTV coverage
We can pick up items for you
24-hour security guard available

We store your items in your locked vault in the secure storage center. When you need your items back, just give us a call, and we can deliver it to your recommended place.

Rules and regulations

We recommend that you have insurance for your items.
You don’t need any security deposit to use our storage facility.
You must prepay and use the store for at least 4 weeks.
We provide free collection and return within 20 miles of our facility in Melbourne.

If you are interested in using our self-storage facilities, then please call us or write to us. Let us know what kind of items you are going to keep and the size of storage you require. You also need to tell us the approximate period for using the storage. We hope you will call us soon!

2 Things Self Storage Units Can Do For Your Business

Whether your business is in a large warehouse or a small space in your home, there’s a possibility that you’ll need extra space to store your documents, furniture and others items in the future as the business grows. Self storage is a great way to increase your business space without making huge financial commitments or signing long-term contracts. For more information about other storage facilities in the Melbourne area, see http://fragilestorage.com.au/storage-melbourne

Here are 2 vital things that self storage units can do for your business.

Saves Money

If you have limited space in your current location, you’ve probably thought about moving your business to a more spacious office in a different location. But renting a big space doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to pay a hefty deposit, plus at least 6 months contract, which is a lot of money to give out especially if you have a small business that’s still growing. Besides, you can move only to find out that the new location isn’t advantageous to your business compared to where you used to be.

But with storage units, you only pay for the space you need at the time you need it. For instance, if you need extra storage for one month, you simply pay for a month and use the storage facility during that duration. No need for huge financial commitments or long-term contracts.

Provides Security for Your Items

Many storage facilities provide all of the things that you’ll need when storing commercial items. These include fire protection, security cameras, accessibility options, as well as lockable and safe containers. Knowing that your company possessions are in a safe and secure environment where they’re less likely to get damaged will give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on growing your business.